Brad Pitt climbs a roof ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD
The WORKOUT that will get you in that shape

  • Capt Cav76
    Capt Cav76

    The best micro sound effects! The glasses in the mouth, the can of beer and the work belt, love it

  • Toph Adam
    Toph Adam

    Can we appreciate the shirt taking off technique? Seem less

  • narwhalfuturism91


  • kp hercas
    kp hercas

    Thank you Mr. Pitt!

  • Knock U Out
    Knock U Out

    If my girl left me for a guy with that type of body and badass-ness I'd understand. I'm straight but even I was like daaaaamn

  • P J
    P J

    Hell yes

  • Thorin Oakenshield
    Thorin Oakenshield

    Why everyone talks like he did this lol His stuntman did this.

    • P J
      P J

      His body is not a stunt

  • Lord Flash Heart
    Lord Flash Heart

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="13">0:13</a> The flamethrower Rick uses at the end is leaning against the wall.

  • Xavier Direen
    Xavier Direen

    Just came here to check out the tool belt

  • Anant Singh
    Anant Singh

    I'm straight, but I was drooling when this scene came on in the theatre.

  • SoteloMGGames


    • Eric Berserk
      Eric Berserk

      'good thing' once upon in Hollywood -look for this on youtube and you will find the song

  • manu man
    manu man

    Brad Pitt cliff a booth.


    I wouldn’t want to wear moccasins on a roof.

    • Eric Berserk
      Eric Berserk

      at last a fine-common sense driven comment

  • Raza Daza
    Raza Daza

    From <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> onwards for a few seconds, that car in the window looks out of place for the time period. Could just be me though...

  • Phương Thảo Nguyễn
    Phương Thảo Nguyễn

    He's stunning

  • Monsieur Carpio
    Monsieur Carpio

    My briefs on Saturn!!!!

  • sameer ahmed
    sameer ahmed

    fun fact:he didn’t fix the antenna

  • Hardik Patil
    Hardik Patil

    which soundtrack is that on background ?

  • O'Ryan Begay
    O'Ryan Begay

    Brad Pitt hasn't been this cool since Fight Club

  • Falguni Thakar
    Falguni Thakar

    Those 9 dislikes are from hippies

  • Pearlie Grace
    Pearlie Grace


  • Gryfinnpuff Edits
    Gryfinnpuff Edits

    Ooft...that’s all I’ve got....ooft

  • Suat 36
    Suat 36

    Every body says Brad is only handsome. Okay. But his acting stands out! Very great actor

  • P Hiser
    P Hiser

    Jeez Louise, he looks good. Been doing some kind of workin out

  • erinpilla

    I haven't really found him hot until this clip for some reason he's hot here

    • usher luck
      usher luck

      not even in fight club or troy or oceans 11 or so many more?

    • Fayiz Rabbo
      Fayiz Rabbo

      I think you fucked up in the head

  • Money

    This nigga the only that makes me wanna be white

  • 뻐러빈 더깔Prabin dhakal
    뻐러빈 더깔Prabin dhakal

    Stupids this shot did by duplicate not brad pitt

  • johnny marlin
    johnny marlin

    Pitts greatest acting besides acting in Seven !!

    • Jesus Shuttlesworth
      Jesus Shuttlesworth

      Watch him in Kalifornia. He's hilarious! "And I was like, hmm".

  • Maddie Griz
    Maddie Griz

    you're doing gods work posting this. thanks

  • Nashid Travels
    Nashid Travels

    If there is a red dead redemption movie, he should play Arthur Morgan

  • zodiac slut
    zodiac slut

    does anybody know the song?

    • sk12561

      vaniteen good thing - Paul revere and the raiders

  • zodiac slut
    zodiac slut

    he is so sexyyyy

  • Cosmo Coralles
    Cosmo Coralles

    I started lifting again after I saw this. Rewatch it again as of now to renew my fuel to lift. I feel ashamed whenever I see this.

  • Liam Scott-Rees
    Liam Scott-Rees

    Its warm outside. So why bother wearing a fecking shirt in the first place 😁

  • Марина Копылова
    Марина Копылова Там полуголый Донован с футболкой на плече!

  • Alex Zambrano
    Alex Zambrano

    What’s his tattoo of?

  • IncorporatedOps

    Cliff Booth plays Brad Pitt so well in this movie.

  • M A
    M A

    He is hot

  • Tanya Hanna
    Tanya Hanna

    CIA character Rick badge 32

  • sophaiku

    Didn't take long for me at all. 😛

  • Justified Corn
    Justified Corn

    Here, Brad equips his beer like a gunslinger’s gun in its holster. Even the way he jumps on the roof is badass, and he even gets the shot of him shirtless. Cliff doing boring shit is him being a rock star, parallel to how Rick pretends to be a badass in fake situations as an actor. Cliff carries his load, gets into real trouble (like killing the Mansons), etc. while Rick gets the moneyshots and goes over to Polanski’s house at the end. It’s Tarantino’s commentary on stardom

    • Jes Unarian
      Jes Unarian

      Justified Corn

  • TahrahStar

    Brad's looking pretty hot for a 56yo man, he's still got it.

  • DontLookTheShoe1

    first parkour ever.

  • Stnhpe NE
    Stnhpe NE

    A 55 year old heterosexual man looking like this 🤪. He’s gorgeous!!

    • B

      Johm Hillesheim - Probably because gay dudes take better care of themselves, and are more into their bodies than straight dudes. Just my theory.

    • Johm Hillesheim
      Johm Hillesheim

      What's the point of saying he is heterosexual? I really wonder...

    • HEISENBERG 375
      HEISENBERG 375

      Stnhpe NE 56?

  • Doris F.
    Doris F.


  • Tara S
    Tara S

    I’m pregnant

    • Albert

      @Atharva Kubal English, do you speak it?

    • Albert

      @Fosfik I hope you find someone to help you with your emotional struggles :)

    • Atharva Kubal
      Atharva Kubal

      @Albert simp

    • Fosfik

      @Albert yo stfu I say it caverat

    • Albert

      @Fosfik You're lonely, aren't you? Take care buddy.

  • Naveen Choudhary
    Naveen Choudhary

    Who else was thinking that in this scene margo will see him maybe drool over a little then invite him, introduce to her director boyfriends and Brad will become star. Anybody?

    • Lauren Brown
      Lauren Brown

      And then you remembered that you're watching a Tarantino film in which nothing goes the way you think it will.

  • dheeraj hazarika
    dheeraj hazarika

    Brad Pitt getting Best supporting actor is a joke

    • UnchartedKnight01

      @dheeraj hazarika HAHAHAHAHA

    • Fayiz Rabbo
      Fayiz Rabbo

      If you mean that he deserves an Oscar as a leading man, I agree !?!?! If you mean that he didn't deserve this Oscar , you are fucken stupid !!!!!

    • amanasro

      He won the OSCAR!!!! Get OVER it. He's a fine actor. that happens to win the Genetic Lottery for his GORGEOUS looks. Some GUYS have all the luck. Yes!!! I am jealous!!! LOL. I admit it.💔💔💔

    • sofi dedic
      sofi dedic

      @dheeraj hazarika you are really really really wrong

    • dheeraj hazarika
      dheeraj hazarika

      I think Al Pacino, Tom Hanks or Joe Pesci deserves it more. Academy awards will prove it.

  • Taroneg

    I didn’t realise he was in his 50’s! Damn

  • Tamara Asbia
    Tamara Asbia


  • illwafer

    maybe i'm the only one that found this to be intentionally hilarious.

  • PC Principal
    PC Principal

    Damn! 56 years old and he still looks good without a shirt

    • Omar Sabir
      Omar Sabir

      Genetic, diet, working out plus money for the right grocery shopping

  • Arnold Strong Numero Uno
    Arnold Strong Numero Uno

    And yet I am younger than him and I look so much worse. So there’s that.

    • Frek

      @Big Vic so you can look ghoulish?

    • alejandro cisneros
      alejandro cisneros

      Start lifting and do a bit of cardio. Don't even bother with diet or b.s. in the beginning. Fasting does help but it's a bit risky to the newbies.

    • Big Vic
      Big Vic

      Start fasting!

  • cellphone96

    you know they only did this scene to show off how ripped he is

    • Ginny What
      Ginny What

      @leonardo x billie 55 years old

    • P J
      P J

      Good! We have enough scenes of pointless boobs and ass, let the ladies and gay men admire Brad.

    • leonardo x billie
      leonardo x billie

      Skatejock21 ahaha hottest 45 year old man he could fool someone for being in his 30s

    • Xavier Direen
      Xavier Direen

      Its a subconscious trick to make him appear 'invincible' or 'super hero like'.

    • Kane SC
      Kane SC

      And also showing that rick kept his flamethrower to foreshadow the climax

  • morgana bisoni
    morgana bisoni

    He is older than my dad and looks so good, wtf im sorry dad

    • Albert

      @Fosfik Why are you calling everyone "easy"?

    • Mikel Blas
      Mikel Blas


    • morgana bisoni
      morgana bisoni

      Fosfik just like your mom

    • Fosfik

      You are so easy girl little bitxi

    • pax43

      Yo Sugar daddy

  • Flor F
    Flor F

    Damn Brad...

  • Vicky 12
    Vicky 12

    Good job by the stunt double of the actor playing a stunt double of the actor!😄

    • P J
      P J

      Lol that crossed my mind while watching too

  • Maldini

    He wonnnnnn!!!!!!!

  • Lee Ann Wiley
    Lee Ann Wiley

    God great movie great sexy actor

  • Santiago Efrain Franco
    Santiago Efrain Franco

    Not the same body he had in Fight Club or Troy but is very good and ripped.

    • Santiago Efrain Franco
      Santiago Efrain Franco

      @Amirul Mokhris Stop playing Nerd, man. You know what i'm talking about.

    • Santiago Efrain Franco
      Santiago Efrain Franco

      @Amirul Mokhris You think i don't know that? Of course he takes care of himself. Otherwise he would look like every 50 year-old man who doesn't go to the gym or doesn't have a lean diet.

    • Santiago Efrain Franco
      Santiago Efrain Franco

      @Alejandro I mean he is very lucky to keep some of his youth shape and not getting worse at age. Not many people can have that luck.

    • Alejandro

      of course man, its been 20 years....

  • Aslan Felix
    Aslan Felix

    I came here just for comment section

    • Aslan Felix
      Aslan Felix

      @Eric Berserk But what's the problem? these words are indeed from my mind that I feel right now. Sometimes I get tired of watching videos and just want to see what people are says

    • Eric Berserk
      Eric Berserk

      Aslan Felix pretty much the very same comment re-iterated over and over again...

  • Floyd Rose
    Floyd Rose

    Pretty clearly the leap is his stunt double.

    • bum bo
      bum bo

      Actually Dicaprio did the stunt

    • Carbon

      no its cliff booth leaping

  • LuckySoaringTiger

    I always anticipated that he'd fuck the blonde

  • D H
    D H

    Not bat for a 56 years old XD

    • Derek Bravo
      Derek Bravo

      D H not bad for a 20 year old

  • Auréliane B.
    Auréliane B.

    I confess I didn't expect it at all at the theatre. I wasn't ready.

  • A A
    A A

    56 and still so damn hot😍

  • NoobMeister

    If you look closely you will find red apple tobbaco . The little red apple is barely noticable but its there when he pulls out a cigarette

  • D Jason
    D Jason

    My man is a cat!

  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle

    He is 55 years old here!. Most men at this age have potbellies and start having their looks decline. Not Brad though he took care of his body and aged like a million dollar bottle of wine.

    • MajorTom

      Travis Bickle....Not that difficult if you have decent genetics, can stay motivated, workout every day, and have a little 'help' like male HRT :-)

    • P J
      P J

      He's a millionaire of course he did

    • Black Pill
      Black Pill


    • naufal prahaditya
      naufal prahaditya

      leo is in 40s but brad had a better shape

    • E L
      E L

      Ever heard of makeup


    The best of the best actors William Bradley Pitt, handsome man, smart, cheerful & unusual ☘🥀 I loved Bradley⚘☘🍀🌲

  • sgcole111

    Not Brad...Brad's stunt double.

    • Eric Berserk
      Eric Berserk


  • SaBi NuKi
    SaBi NuKi

    The best scene of the movie. Shirtless Brad boy 😀 perfect perfect body.

  • smk___84 -
    smk___84 -

    The flame thrower in the tool shed!!!!

    • James Peeler
      James Peeler

      Tarantino said “Screw Chekov’s gun, I want Chekov’s flamethrower.”

    • Young Lock
      Young Lock

      great spot.

    • John Marker
      John Marker

      I actually notice that on the first viewing, had to point it out to my dad

    • Daryl Theodore
      Daryl Theodore

      Wow thanks

    • Dante Jordan
      Dante Jordan

      smk___84 - Holy shit, I never noticed that out of the 4 or so times I saw this movie!

  • Vony Rakoto
    Vony Rakoto

    angelina jolie be crying tears of blood when she sees this scene. Like how does a lady hook a dude like him and not hold onto him ? He's what dreams are made of 😢

    • PureSparkles22

      brad ruined his own marriage by choosing alcohol over his family

    • P J
      P J

      They were together for 11 years. When they split the police were called regarding a physical altercation between Pitt and one of his sons. So clearly things turned very sour.

    • Larissa

      sofi dedic right cause you know them personally, right?

    • Mm k
      Mm k

      Jolie is a psycho

    • Nick V.
      Nick V.

      @Yorx fh haha! This is the most brilliant comment I've seen all week.

  • david2012slayer

    brad have a really cool stuntman

  • Angga Tri Ardian
    Angga Tri Ardian

    That body though

  • 420GreyWorm2187

    The way he leaps onto the roof effortlessly. So simple yet so badass lol.

    • thegorn68

      It looks like something I would've tried to do back when I was 18 or so. When I was at my most spry and athletic.

    • praetorx ian
      praetorx ian

      Was a parkour stunt double my friend.

    • Teringventje

      steve mcquen - yeh.... no

    • Stayler17

      Its obvious it was his stunt double. Very fucking hard to do that.

    • MilkandCookies92

      He said it was his stunt double in an interview climbing the the roof not him.