Binging with Babish: The Perfect Bite from YOU (Netflix)
Binging with Babish
Do yourself a favor: don't start "You" if you don't have a full day in which to binge the entire series. This soapy-fun Netflix series is, at its core, about dating...albeit in a frightening and murderous way. And dating, at its core, is about food - so it was inevitable that there end up being some delectable food porn in this stalker-rom-com. Today, we explore not only the passionately-prepared roast chicken, but the idea of the perfect bite itself!
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish

    Future episode: Benji's peanut oil latte?

    • mario martinez
      mario martinez

      Have Jess cool it

    • Noah Rice
      Noah Rice

      MsAidaAman nah She’s a character in Season 2 of “You” 😬🙂

    • MsAidaAman

      @Noah Rice love on Netflix?

    • Peter Huehn
      Peter Huehn

      Curry goat from Futurama!!

    • Alana LaVey
      Alana LaVey


  • Brainhorn

    Huh. I think I missed this one. Thanks youtube

  • Bullit

    Babish you have to do Kung Fu Noodle Soup from Total Drama Action Episode 22! Its the only meal fit for a warrior! Its a vegetable stock and noodles with the seven deadliest fish known to man! Rabid Piranha, Poisonous Blow fish, Electric Eel, Toxic jellyfish, Lethal Swordfish, Man-eating Shark, and Killer Octopus!

  • Shaila Kostman
    Shaila Kostman

    “Thick hot nasty ass chunks”

  • Hey You
    Hey You

    there’s a story behind that (Netflix) in the thumbnail.

  • Breething !
    Breething !

    So we're just going to ignore the fact that this man said "thick, hot, nasty ass chunks?"

  • AnnaThePuddz

    Babishian is my new favorite word

  • Jordan Hart
    Jordan Hart

    Babish: That didn't work... So let's figure out how to make Duck Carbonara after this commercial break- SEsoft: You read our mind **Proceeds to play Marine Corps ad** Me: Well.... At least it's not trying to shove political ads or Wikibuy down my throat again **Proceeds to furiously knock on wood**

  • Sarah Magboul
    Sarah Magboul

    Dude we want more Jess!!!

  • doramachi mora
    doramachi mora

    “go ahead and cut your duck bacon into thick ass, nasty ass chunks”

  • עומר פז
    עומר פז

    “After this commercial break”... * literally got an add😂

  • Iain Balsamo
    Iain Balsamo

    No one: Literally no one: Babish: sauteepin

  • Rajeswari Ghosh
    Rajeswari Ghosh

    This man really loves his gal.

  • Fraz

    Hello can you please make curry of life from Naruto

  • robert moore
    robert moore

    "what" yeah

  • 75% of your body is water and I’m Thirsty
    75% of your body is water and I’m Thirsty


  • Looony Gooon
    Looony Gooon

    Hi Isabelle

  • Rose Willard
    Rose Willard

    Thumbs up from me because of how adorable you two are.

  • Zoey

    You: Saute Pan Babish, an intellectual: Sautepin

  • Dior Birriel Cabrera
    Dior Birriel Cabrera

    I like his voice

  • Russell Neighbor
    Russell Neighbor

    >Assume the sauce is balsamic for some reason >Make it >Uh oh guys it sucks let's make something new you did this to stretch the video out past 10 minutes

  • Bane

    You gave her what she wanted. i'm sure she's also giving back to you, you deserved it ;)

  • L Grey
    L Grey

    Do you drink distilled water?

  • Lucas Hammersley
    Lucas Hammersley

    I seriously thought he was doing perfect bite from Jaiden Animations.

  • Matteo OoO
    Matteo OoO

    So a shitty version of carbonara?

  • PumpedUpBricks


  • Spider-Man

    "Because I love *_you."_* "You love me or the Netflix show?"

  • tawtisCS

    4:08 1942 flashbacks

  • Hannah Briggs
    Hannah Briggs

    for me, pasta time is now

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith

    Nobody can tell me this man isn't a master food engineer.

  • Richard Welch
    Richard Welch


  • Leander Yotnda
    Leander Yotnda


  • Leander Yotnda
    Leander Yotnda

    y'all cute

  • Ꭰᥲʀκ͢ ᗰᴀɢᴇꪜꪜꪜ
    Ꭰᥲʀκ͢ ᗰᴀɢᴇꪜꪜꪜ

    This guy rlly loves flexing on us

  • marissa green
    marissa green

    did he eat a garlic clove? i think i just found my husband

  • H 123
    H 123

    3:14 sautépin

  • siân diann
    siân diann

    omg i didn't know it was safe to put cabonara sauce straight with the pasta without having to cook it over the heat lol

  • Joe Wilson
    Joe Wilson

    Holy shit...he pronounced aluminium properly!! *Applauds in British*

  • Jebble

    What is that magic plastic wrap?!

  • GiantSquid

    "thick hot nasty ass chunks" yes please

  • Sarah


  • tanya szabo
    tanya szabo

    please make your version of a crunch wrap supreme or any fast foods you love

  • Mitchell Miller
    Mitchell Miller

    great show and amazing episode Babs

  • Amira Foad
    Amira Foad

    I think we can all agree that the dish from You would have been so much better if they substituted the balsamic reduction with a light, zesty gravy. As for the duck carbonara, you know a man really loves you if he's willing to cure and smoke duck bacon for you lol

  • Taylor Worrell
    Taylor Worrell

    "Go ahead and cut your duck bacon into thick, hot, nasty *ss chucks"

  • jesse mcintire
    jesse mcintire

    Was this just an excuse to make duck carbonara?

  • Evan Hatmaker
    Evan Hatmaker

    Babish did indeed dazzle me with his breasts

  • Kallypaso

    "Clean Jess Club"

  • Admiral Fire
    Admiral Fire

    After he said after this commercial i got an ad

  • FluffyBumpkins

    "Definitely a member of the clean Jess club!" "... What?"

  • BexTheBoo388

    You guys are too cute omg

  • The YouTube Analyst
    The YouTube Analyst

    PLEASE, do Phoebe's perfect oat cookies, from Friends. Ive been waiting for that shit for years.

  • Charlie Allen
    Charlie Allen

    How’d he know where the add would b

  • j0sH092

    This show is gay

  • Diy_CaT

    Sehtey pin

  • Parth Dalvi
    Parth Dalvi

    *kOsHeR SaLt*

  • GamerShane

    That ''What?'' at the end made me laugh i watched it 3 times

  • Hbt

    I had a commercial in the commercial break

  • Stefan Milosevic
    Stefan Milosevic

    Left over at your house must be lit

  • Xander Schwartz
    Xander Schwartz

    ... pepper, pepper