17-åriga Ibrahim rör hela Talang-studion till tårar med sin tolkning av "Stad i ljus"
Talang i TV4
17 åriga Ibrahim Nasrullayev har bara varit i Sverige i ett år. Under sin audition framför han Tommy Körbergs Stad i Ljus och får hela Talang-studion i tårar.
Talang är ett av världens mest framgångsrika tv-format och har hjälpt flera välkända stjärnor att nå toppen, både i Sverige och utomlands. Programmet leds av Pär Lernström och Kristina "Keyyo" Petrushina. Juryn består av Alexander Bard, Karin "Kakan" Hermansson, David Batra och LaGaylia Frazier.
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  • dx_et

    He got to stay in Sweden, He were winner of Talang.

  • Nada Takach
    Nada Takach

    Omg he is so good

  • Elnur Elnur
    Elnur Elnur


  • Iyeth Taclas
    Iyeth Taclas

    He sing like profesional

  • Luiz Horacio
    Luiz Horacio


  • Christoffer Edström
    Christoffer Edström

    In i mitt hjärta.

  • Aladin Abraham
    Aladin Abraham

    Happiness is contagious and hate is contagious, which would we choose shapes our lives. Let us celebrate life together, we all share and cherish


    Is there anyone that knows where he is now? He literally disappeared from the spotlight after

    • Rudorftw

      Wikipedia doesn't say much but what I can see is effectively that he does still do music, and I assume he did get to stay in sweden based on it saying that he's lived in "Boden" since 2015 :)

  • oleq nazarov
    oleq nazarov

    Azerbaijan is really the cradle of music

  • Aladin Abraham
    Aladin Abraham

    The oneness of the human race is the ultimate purpose of Allah creation. Great to forget about hate and evil and just celebrate our inner beauty and oneness

  • Andrew Reynolds
    Andrew Reynolds

    Apart from a wonderful voice Ibrahim is an absolute charmer. Can't stop watching and listening.

  • Thore Karlsson
    Thore Karlsson

    Riktigt bra !

  • Nora & Yasmin
    Nora & Yasmin

    Lika min kmt om du tittar 2020

  • Bharrat Sitaram
    Bharrat Sitaram


  • Василя Гаджиева
    Василя Гаджиева


  • john ali
    john ali

    he did not kill you he made you realise you are alive

  • Harry Tj
    Harry Tj

    So sad... Coz i dont understein what he talking about.

  • Glenys Sites
    Glenys Sites

    made me cry 😍

  • dylantoshi

    I didn't understand a word but I cried. Thank you.


    Fick han stanna I Sverige?

  • Tiempo Nuevo
    Tiempo Nuevo

    OMG three notes in and cold chills, tears. This is a voice!! OMG< OMG < OMG Darn this kid he even made my noise run. he's finished his song and I still cry. Thank you for posting ........ the Got Talent programs.

  • Muna al amudi
    Muna al amudi

    God bless him

  • Jabed Abu
    Jabed Abu

    Thanks for the subtitle. I didn't notice when my eyes got wet. I think this song will make you cry even without subtitles.

  • Max Mancini
    Max Mancini

    Fick han uppehållstillstånd efter vad hände? Nån som vet?

  • Jocelyn Robinson
    Jocelyn Robinson

    He is the sun 🌞 himself . Bring me tears

  • Carl Arams
    Carl Arams

    I know sweeden Races Country like Denmark ppl there are Hatress

  • Novalie Willstrand
    Novalie Willstrand


  • Heart Ache
    Heart Ache

    Whats the title of the song?

  • Nina Kupchenko
    Nina Kupchenko

    Amazing kid

  • jellycoding

    Ok. Vad hände sen. Fick han stanna?

  • connie shuga
    connie shuga

    I hope you got to stay in sweden

  • fai tuo
    fai tuo

    Piccolo -Grande Ibrahim

  • Rock Of Peace hardlines
    Rock Of Peace hardlines

    He is such amazing 😍 😍

  • Tushar T
    Tushar T

    Heart rending!!!

  • Lati Sh
    Lati Sh

    Lot of love and blessing for ibrahim

  • Wonderful world
    Wonderful world

    Is this a joke?

  • A1234561921

    God is showing us his beauty in many ways!!! Bless be God kind of the universe our father who give us the bred of the Earth 💫

  • Willow Clay
    Willow Clay

    Smart young man and talented!

  • David Frankson
    David Frankson

    Ibrahim, congratulations!!! You got a nice voice!! Wish you are in USA.

  • N.J. Qualls
    N.J. Qualls

    He is so handsome. He is a 🌟 star. Blessings beautiful Ibraham 🙏

  • A F
    A F

    He made the vikings cry!

  • Saghir Anjum
    Saghir Anjum

    I salute to judge.

  • Ba Rista
    Ba Rista

    I don't understand the language but I feel the song.. Very nice 👏👏👏you're so humble


    What a voice...What a song...so soothing & so mesmerizing...The time was stopped for a while...Lots of love from Pakistan 🇵🇰...&...Thanks for making my day more beautiful.

  • Ramsol 70
    Ramsol 70

    What happens when your soul Begins to awaken Your eyes And your heart And the cells of your body To the great Journey of Love? First there is wonderful laughter And probably precious tears And a hundred sweet promises And those heroic vows No one can ever keep. But still God is delighted and amused You once tried to be a saint. What happens when your soul Begins to awake in this world To our deep need to love And serve the Friend? O the Beloved Will send you One of His wonderful, wild companions - Like Hafiz. Hafez

  • Happy

    LOVE from CHINA to Sweden and Azerbajan! Tears.

  • Ninja Eggroll
    Ninja Eggroll

    what in the world? I didnt understand what he was singing but i got teary eyes lol

  • Saman Saeed
    Saman Saeed

    Songs Name?

  • Anita Parks
    Anita Parks

    NOT ALL refugees come here or end up here to Mooch !! I was a refugee once. I think that Most have a " dream " ...vision on what they hope to find living here. Maybe we sbould help those that seek to Live the American Dream,those that will Respect the Constitution and Laws of the Land. Help those that will assimilate and become a part of USA making us a Stronger,Safer Country to live in !

  • Mina Raimi
    Mina Raimi

    Han blev hem skikad 😭

  • iam JK's
    iam JK's

    That song melts my heart...am crying😥 can't stop watching this

  • Wilma Marcusson
    Wilma Marcusson

    i alexanders hjärna ,,inte gråta inte gråta,,

  • Dalimee Kachari
    Dalimee Kachari

    Born again million like you to make beautiful world

  • hamid pajhooh
    hamid pajhooh

    Human beings don’t know the borders. 👏

  • Shabnam Yaqoobi
    Shabnam Yaqoobi

    Han är så rör

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith

    I have a question. Why are there refugees from Azerbaijan???

  • Anne Lee
    Anne Lee

    What is the name of the song? It’s so beautiful and powerful.

  • Matt Doc
    Matt Doc

    And the juges.... Hat 🎩 on bravo very human ,kind ,and respectful!!

  • Matt Doc
    Matt Doc

    He’s such a good boy it tears me I have 2 boys and oh my He’s going to be successful

  • Susanna Strömberg
    Susanna Strömberg

    my travel was towards the sun, city in lights, give me life where all is born again... rough translation. but when you understand the lyrics, they suddenly mean so much more when sung by a refugee... it says so much about the hope for a life worth living that you have when you leave your home to search for a place where life is possible. you chose life. by leaving your home of ruins and insecurity.

    • Iyeth Taclas
      Iyeth Taclas

      Thats why i cried like a baby oh god

    • iam JK's
      iam JK's

      Exactly the reason I cried a lot. The song's already great and it meant more than what it means when he started singing😔

  • Esty Esty
    Esty Esty

    How is he now?

  • Kristine Kristine and Peter
    Kristine Kristine and Peter

    Chris Hadfield told me this - FROM SPACE - when you see the earth - there are no borders- I’ll never forget that.

  • Jasmina Lukic
    Jasmina Lukic

    Bravo Ibrahim

  • Pablo Jan Marc Filio
    Pablo Jan Marc Filio

    I dont understand it but it keeps me crying while watching

  • Marta Marta
    Marta Marta

    I wish the best for Ibrahim 🙏🙏🙏

  • Hassan Bintos
    Hassan Bintos

    Vad har hans asylärende med tävlingen att göra?

  • leandro pereira
    leandro pereira


  • Darkblue kiss
    Darkblue kiss

    He got me😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • John Allen
    John Allen

    Love him and his family’s obviously love for each other Great musicality and touching performance


    Im from malaysia, i don't understand his language but love doesn't need a language to understand it. I can feel his emotions. I cried watching this Keep going young man. Im so proud of you.

    • Alex Hasser
      Alex Hasser

      Then read the fucken translation .duuuuh

  • Ache H
    Ache H

    This isn't an audition. This is a performance ! He took you to his heart, didn't he ? Magnificent voice. He is Sweeden national now ?

    • Ache H
      Ache H

      @Fanny Alhamdu lillahi Rabbil 'alamin. God bless Sweden.

    • Fanny

      Ache H yes he is

  • Hustlers Hustlers4ever
    Hustlers Hustlers4ever

    Han fick utvisning av migrationsverket men de som är kriminella får stanna Ledsen hur Sverige systemet fungerar :(

  • imeon salugta
    imeon salugta

    I'm crying my heart out the meaning of this song is exactly his situation 😭😭

  • Ahmad Fathi
    Ahmad Fathi

    May your dream come true

  • Aynur Agayeva
    Aynur Agayeva

    Beautiful !!! I’m proud of you 👏 Good luck to you and I wish you all the best ❤️

  • Apol

    I'm crying while watching him, singing.

  • boy asia
    boy asia

    Talented gifted young man! He has a future in music especially on Broadway and opera.

  • Aaron Lecciones
    Aaron Lecciones

    Worth it.

  • 張加興

    So good! So touching! That makes my cry !

  • Santos Caballero
    Santos Caballero

    This act make me understand the real in life is be Human