Arnold Schwarzenegger on Son-in-law Chris Pratt, Pranking Sylvester Stallone & Terminator’s Return
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Arnold talks about being evacuated from his home, the biggest natural disaster he faced as Governor of California, the moment he knew that Chris Pratt would be a good son-in-law, tricking his biggest rival Sylvester Stallone to do a terrible movie, the return of Terminator, OJ Simpson originally being considered for his role in it, and he reads other famous movie catchphrases in Arnold's.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger on Son-in-law Chris Pratt, Pranking Sylvester Stallone & Terminator’s Return

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones

    The not so smooth edit when he started talking about OJ lol

  • davidkozelsky


  • Shahar Deutsch
    Shahar Deutsch

    Yippee ki ey - He actually said it in the Expendables

  • horseman J
    horseman J

    I wonder what happened between 11:36 and 11:37

  • FaFa

    LEGEND. Fantastic Guy. Love Him.

  • 8 Serpico
    8 Serpico

    "how is it possible that your accent has not subsided" .... Ahhh the joys of listening to American arrogance . It's Austrian dumbass... a thick accent can be hard to take off.

  • Patrick Pierce
    Patrick Pierce

    Bravo Armold A American and European Superstar

  • luckyisme10

    fires happen because CO2 pollution can't bond with hydrogen to make rain.

  • David Rivers
    David Rivers


  • śářťhâķ super
    śářťhâķ super

    Arnie in bachelor parties:" i need your clothes and sun glasses"

  • The Haze
    The Haze

    Arnold is awesome.

  • David Hustace
    David Hustace

    Jimmy, this just might be the most enjoyable “late night” interview I’ve ever watched.

  • BK W
    BK W

    It’s always a pleasure to see Arnold


    These Democrats are idiots. we have heavily wooded areas in our state and because we allow wood harvesting we have a lot less fires. These fires have nothing to do with climate change it has a lot to do with with having a lot of dead trees and not harvesting them or cut them down and getting them out. Our climate has been changing since the beginning of time. There's never been a year like the other as far as weather goes.

  • josh lerch
    josh lerch

    It ain’t climate change, it’s negligence causing those fires.

  • Crash Gaming
    Crash Gaming

    The real question is: did he not read the script for Dark Faith before accepting the role ??!

  • Phresh Ideas + Designs
    Phresh Ideas + Designs

    Lol that maintaining his accent because of talking to Sly bit was pretty funny. Sly pretty much sounds the same with his enunciation. 😅

  • Horror IKON
    Horror IKON

    just note that he didn't answer the question abut agreeing with trump....because trump is correct on that particular issue

  • aidan berland
    aidan berland

    Hasta leveesta baby

  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L.

    Living Legend

  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L.

    I hope the next Terminator movie comes with the idea of bringing Sly as a terminator

  • no one
    no one

    And not a word wad said through the trailer

  • Roberto Martinez
    Roberto Martinez

    I wonder if Arnold is going to do a marvel or DC or star wars movies.

  • Keith Zimmerman
    Keith Zimmerman

    So generous! Brilliant. Kind. Defies all stereotypes.

  • sanjana Unni
    sanjana Unni

    Why does jimmy have to take things in the negative way. Sleeping camp. Maybe he should go to one

  • Mike R
    Mike R

    Arnie would be a much better president then Trump could only wish he could be!

  • surlykaratemonkey

    "Let's get Shnitzel from Austria" 12:33

  • Q Co
    Q Co


  • Q Co
    Q Co

    L 2 b

  • Carlos Cano Reyes
    Carlos Cano Reyes

    What the hell!! 🤭did someone change the background in the wrong moment at 11:36 😱

  • Omar Enrera
    Omar Enrera

    His voice still the same nothing is changes

  • Omar Enrera
    Omar Enrera

    Arnold is a Legend, his the one of my favourite actor and athlete I always watch again all his movies specially the terminator.

  • nunya bidness
    nunya bidness

    Kimmel is a soy boy faggut

  • Adam Michael
    Adam Michael

    A legend Loved by millions and truly a versatile actor. Forgot how funny Arnold could be during live shows, especially the confession at 7:38.. thanks Jimmy! 😂

  • Mark Chappell
    Mark Chappell

    New York is now declared a 'Dead Zone' , please. No human may entre, please.

  • Mark Chappell
    Mark Chappell

    The mathematical questions have been asked. Awaiting answers , please.

  • Mark Chappell
    Mark Chappell

    Prepare for WAR, take from my account with you as you need and want, please.

  • dburd58

    Cleaning out the underbrush in a forest isn’t raping a forest, by not clearing the fuel source we end up with these enormous fires.

  • randy palla
    randy palla

    Yo be funny if he started talking like that Michael Cain guy,

  • Ogas on top
    Ogas on top

    Am gonna see that movie

  • Rendy Andrian
    Rendy Andrian

    If you want to watch this full interview, plz go to 14:56 first then you can watch it from the beginning. Trust me it's worthed.

  • martinlilik

    He is funny .. :D

  • Doomspud Roflcopter
    Doomspud Roflcopter

    YES. I was praying he would say Yippi Ki Yay

  • Sarah

    Arnold has such a good sense of humor!

  • DuderinoDeux

    The Governator

  • Gabetrix

    Arnold you are and always will be the ultimate legend.. thank you for decades of great entertainment!!!

  • desiviking

    Who is your daddy and what does he do?

  • At Close Range
    At Close Range

    7:19 Who kills people more creatively, lol, Arnold has a lot of humor! but Sly too.

  • At Close Range
    At Close Range

    Arnold has a lot of humor! Sly too.

  • Kotysue Fawcett
    Kotysue Fawcett

    Firefighter's in our states are the real hero's. Love, lov, luv Chris Pratt! 🤗

  • Explodingtraps

    Still killin it Arnie

  • soul76can

    Kind of ironic that his new Terminator movie went straight into the toilet after talking about Sly’s movie going into the toilet.

  • Fred Creach
    Fred Creach

    I love Arnold and will always go to his movies day 1 but if those fires in California were caused by climate change they would be happening all over the world and in every state. California has some very strict environmental laws (among other things) that backfire and these fires are an example of that. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and stop blaming climate change because it's just easy to say that's the cause.

  • KnightFox18

    At 14 I rode "Earthquake" at Universal Studios in Orlando during the millennia new year with OJ Simpson... I have I'd ridden that ride so many times but never feared for my life during it as much as that time. still haunts me...

    • KnightFox18

      and Charlie Murphy was right..... he does have a big ass head.

  • Dallas More
    Dallas More

    CA leftist environmental policies and the major reason for their fire problems. The don't log, don't do controlled burns, can't build dams to retain water, and yet they don't force people to fire resistant building materials! If you build out of either concrete block, brick, or poured reinforced concrete, and install a metal roof it's very unlikely your home will burn. In addition, if you clear the brush 100 ft. Away from your home there's no fuel for a fire. If not, if you dumbasses insist on building wood frsmed homes with cedar shake shingle roofs in an arid brush filled canyon, well, you get what you get! Just like the idiots out on Cape Hatteras who lose their homes in every hurricane, I don't feel sorry for you! Stop building stilt homes out of sticks right on the beach!

  • majorPhysics

    I'm pretty sure his accent HAS gone away a bit. Go back and watch a couple old Arnold movies, his accent is a lot thicker (if I recall correctly).

  • melvin andy
    melvin andy

    After The Expendables series, I cant stop laughing nowadays everytime he says "i'll be back" cuz i will keep recalling Bruce Willis comeback "You've been back enough"

    • Mu Man
      Mu Man

      You the man

  • andre godbout
    andre godbout

    Arny is great person

  • geoscience2012

    Arnold has an accent but he is very affluent in the English language. I had a teacher in highschool from the Philippines and he lived here over 45 years...and spoke the most broken English I could never grasp what the hell he was taking about and how that was even possible with him being here so long.

  • Miguel S. P.
    Miguel S. P.

    I´m far from his political ideas but this guy looks quite a decent human being.