Arnold Schwarzenegger on Son-in-law Chris Pratt, Pranking Sylvester Stallone & Terminator’s Return
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Arnold talks about being evacuated from his home, the biggest natural disaster he faced as Governor of California, the moment he knew that Chris Pratt would be a good son-in-law, tricking his biggest rival Sylvester Stallone to do a terrible movie, the return of Terminator, OJ Simpson originally being considered for his role in it, and he reads other famous movie catchphrases in Arnold's.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger on Son-in-law Chris Pratt, Pranking Sylvester Stallone & Terminator’s Return

  • Andrew Watson
    Andrew Watson

    Did nobody catch that not so subtle cut of video?


    "say hello to my little friend" was actually solid

  • AchtungBaby77

    Still cool and still a dude, even at 72 👍😎

  • Andrew Yoo
    Andrew Yoo

    Someone get this man to run for president

  • Chetan kamble
    Chetan kamble

    Sir i m from India ...but i m a die hard fan of all your action movies ...not to forget TERMINATOR - JUDGEMENT DAY.........& COMMANDO........& the list goes on....& on....& on......& on....& on.......NOW 2020......Still crazy about your two films .....Terminator:Judgement Day & Commando......will never forget....till i m alive..........Sir your movies are the most unforgetable greatest action movies i have ever seen in my lifetime.....i watch these two flims multiple times everyday.....but never get bored.....

  • W.T.C 1990
    W.T.C 1990

    is no one gonna point out that he is a Republican and he doesn't deny climate change like the others

  • Todd Olsen
    Todd Olsen

    Very interesting

  • Born Winner
    Born Winner

    Arnold has great strength of character. He is very persistent and hardworking. He is very successful, wealthy and respected by all and he deserves it.

  • 5674 82
    5674 82

    The rate of human habitation into fire zones is never spoken...

  • Morris Gabo
    Morris Gabo

    he is so humble...... we all know Chris Pratt aint bigger than him in ANY LEVEL

  • Nusrath Ismayeel
    Nusrath Ismayeel

    Arnold is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Gaurang dandwate
    Gaurang dandwate

    I'm coming here after watching Sylvester Stallone on Jimmy Fallon's show. What is this behaviour SEsoft?

  • red rock
    red rock

    Arnold Scharzenegger He should be the next President.

  • Ayden Phoenix
    Ayden Phoenix

    There’s something off about that prezentat guy. Something fake or condescendent. That disgusting Smile of His doesnt help either Haha

  • billionaire iitian
    billionaire iitian

    Did he said the lines of Justin Bieber's song Never say Never

  • Hephzibah

    Climate change huh...Or how about not being able to extract fallen trees from forests therefore creating a massive fireload....Lets not take the advice of the professionals that is liberalism at its finest...

  • Mark E Gunnardo
    Mark E Gunnardo

    Of course he keps his accent and he should keep his accent, because that's Arnold!

  • Carlos Donaldo
    Carlos Donaldo

    Arnold in 2020 with newborn grandchild: “who is your daddy and what does he do ?” Chris Pratt: “I’m Star Lord” Arnold: “who?”

  • Lynette Jones
    Lynette Jones

    He is a Lovely man....

  • mika piipponen
    mika piipponen

    get the money to the poor people

  • So you got some YouTube videos?
    So you got some YouTube videos?

    “Let’s get Shnitzel from Austria!”

  • Christian Karl Karganilla
    Christian Karl Karganilla

    I was chosen because they didn't believe that OJ looked like a killing machine. Oh, dear lawd 🤣

  • Jacky Felder
    Jacky Felder

    cHRIS Pratt will never be a bigger star of Arnold.

  • Dauda András
    Dauda András

    I see my daughter sad and You're gonna be Terminated!

  • Dennis Mix
    Dennis Mix

    Seriously in the US and Calif for over 50 years and did not know Fire season starts in October? The Santa Ana winds start around October and they set them off. Arnold really...

  • Leo Laster
    Leo Laster

    do people actually think there is a real audience?

  • klaus pedersen
    klaus pedersen

    Arnold is so fun

  • Yoann Even
    Yoann Even

    australian firefighters be like: "am i a joke to you?"

  • crwydryny

    Now i want to see a wizard of oz spoof with arnie as dorothy, we can have sly as the lion, pratt as the scarecrow, robert downey jr as the tin man

  • Canaan Goodman
    Canaan Goodman

    His face when he found out jimmy wasn’t evacuated 😭

  • Rebecca Hopkins
    Rebecca Hopkins

    I Hope Chris treats his daughter Catherine better than Arnold treated Maria when he slept with, and fathered a child with, the maid. Then continued to have the maid and the child in the house all those years, right under her nose, lying and lying and lying. It’s all I can think about every time I see Arnold, no matter how much I try not to. Every time I Can’t help but think, “Geez what a scum bag”.

    • Chinemerem Udoh
      Chinemerem Udoh

      So, of all the joys this man brought you through his work, his one act of infidelity, blown up bcos of his personality and star-status, marred your affection for him for life??

  • YY zz
    YY zz

    There is an interview video of AS at 28 years old he didn`t have any accent, i think he just make it up infront of tv ever since he made terminator...

  • Silencer2079

    My love and respect for this great man is limitless. Thanks Arnie, for a lifetime of entertainment and inspiration!

  • Robert Butler
    Robert Butler

    Here in Australia possibly the same in the US where asshole politicians do not spend money in controlled burn-offs during the cooler months. We just went through possibly the worst bush fires in living memory thanks to our asshole politicians!!

  • Harris Kashmiri
    Harris Kashmiri

    What a man. The legend that is Arnold Schwarzenegger. God Bless you and your family sir. You are an inspiration and will continue to be for a very very long time.

  • Anna Christine
    Anna Christine

    I really wish he never went into politics :/

  • Domenico Bartoccioni
    Domenico Bartoccioni

    He is and he will be one of the greatest of all time!

  • Matt k
    Matt k

    Damn imagine being Arnold Schwarzenegger's son in law

  • Liban Sheikh
    Liban Sheikh

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="392">6:32</a> arnolds accent 🤣🤣🤣

  • AstraDOODLES

    Lmmffaaaooooo love this man!!! His honesty when talking about Sylvester and the crap of a movie he tricked him into doing!! 😂🤣😅💀🙌🏻👍🏻 oh mannn!! Seriously, who wishes they had the LEGEND Arnold as a BFF!!?!?!?! Hanging with him must be right out the best!! Lol

  • acct on my other phone
    acct on my other phone

    Arnold handling the situation with fires: "We need more helicopters" **When firemen recieve the helicopters & are going to respond to a fire** Arnold: "GET TO THE CHOPPAA!!"

  • RadioactiveGoose

    Haha. His accent stayed because he gets training to keep his accent. It's basically his trade mark. Can you imagine Arnold with perfect US English?

  • Aibek Myrzakhmetov
    Aibek Myrzakhmetov

    Jimmy is the most entertaining late-night show host in the world.

  • Gavin Masterson
    Gavin Masterson


  • Ben Behzad
    Ben Behzad

    Arnold 👍👊

  • Manny Oommen
    Manny Oommen

    I like how he says California

  • Andrew

    Your a Legend Schwarzenegger

  • Vince Campolongo
    Vince Campolongo

    pine trees = fires. Oaks dont burn. plant pine around your house= house gone! say that with an Austrian accent!

  • Andrei Andy
    Andrei Andy

    Hope he lives to 150 years and stays young!!!

  • Jeevan Raj
    Jeevan Raj

    The way he pronounces "California" .. beautiful

  • Joshua Baatjes
    Joshua Baatjes

    So Star Lord and the Terminator are now one family

  • T K
    T K

    trump should listen to him about the fantastic firefighters and not criticize them. Also on being prepared for emergencies. Too bad Arnold isn't our president.

  • vojvoda

    Hahaha LEGEND!! 👍👍

  • PJN P
    PJN P

    I was really hoping for "Do you fell lucky ...Punk?"

  • James Rock
    James Rock

    I wish Arnold will ran for a president!! Likes if you want arnold to ran for president... :)


    Best firefighters in the world ? Cmon old son you ain’t got nothin on Australian firefighters surely

  • Modern Viking
    Modern Viking

    I would have loved to be there when Arny said " Get aaoouut of dare, dares a Fayaaahhh"

  • wilhelm Jaime Mercado
    wilhelm Jaime Mercado

    The phish that saved Pittsburgh Slap$hot Total recall A Bronx tale Midnight run Panic in needle park Scarface State of Grace At close range Body of evidence To live and die in lax Nosferatu Wild at heart Less than zero American psycho Kids Killing Zoe Monster in a box Spun Hurly burly Panic in needle park Once upon a time in New York Blow Donnie brasco Goodfellas My own private Idaho Mosquito coast

  • wilhelm Jaime Mercado
    wilhelm Jaime Mercado

    Terminator Predator Red heat Twins One flew over the cuckoos nest

  • wilhelm Jaime Mercado
    wilhelm Jaime Mercado

    State of Grace At close range Chopper Man bites dog Killing Zoe The French connection Arnold $chwarzneggar is with Madison at the toad hall

  • wilhelm Jaime Mercado
    wilhelm Jaime Mercado

    Pumping iron Predator Conan the barbarian Red heat Terminator Twins Total recall Blade Blade runner Blow Body of evidence Donnie brasco Raging bull Monster in a box Ran Yojimbo The magnificent seven 7

  • wilhelm Jaime Mercado
    wilhelm Jaime Mercado

    Red heat Joe Kidd The gauntlet Play misty for me The good, the bad, the ugly At close range Desperately seeking $usan Susan Sontag Sarah Silverman

  • wilhelm Jaime Mercado
    wilhelm Jaime Mercado

    George Orwell $onny Barger Bob Leppan Arnold schwarzeneggar Madison Julia nordlinger Meredith Traci from Denton, Texas

  • wilhelm Jaime Mercado
    wilhelm Jaime Mercado

    Hannah Arendt Leni rephenstahl John toland

  • Malik Suleman Awan
    Malik Suleman Awan

    Asta la Vista baby ! 🤖😎☠️🏋️🏍️☢️

  • Andy Rios
    Andy Rios

    Sorry New York has the best firefighters in the world and I live in Florida and can say that!

  • Fit Boy Abdul
    Fit Boy Abdul

    Well He got a pony And a TANK that's Arnie for you.

  • Jeff Tatham
    Jeff Tatham

    California fires is there fault. Its against the law to controlled burning in the state . Dont blame it on climate change. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Andras Jonas
    Andras Jonas

    And Chris Pratt speaks German. Swarzie can polish his German with him :D

  • Chris Gibson
    Chris Gibson

    who's your daddy and what does he do:)

  • InDaHouse

    Get down! Thes a bom in hee! Get out of hee! Arnold was a badass and today is a cute grandpa. Love this guy. Stalon is still a badass though... Jacked af!

  • Dennise Sanders
    Dennise Sanders

    Arnold, my man! 🥰

  • Mohammed Kamran Ali
    Mohammed Kamran Ali

    Is his chiose what he feel change direction

  • DickBillHill

    Oh this is the guy that had a secret family living in his house that's right he's a prick

  • Neyonius

    "The USA has the best firefighters in the entire world." Japan emergency response: "Hold my Hetap."

  • Noah Danby
    Noah Danby

    Arnold is KING!!!!! What an amazing guy.

  • d p
    d p

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="68">1:08</a> *NAUUUH*

  • TerryE VP
    TerryE VP

    Great guy and nice personality

  • Justin White
    Justin White

    No one puts baby in a corner.... Damn freakin hilarious... LMAO!

  • Chalsiama Zadeng
    Chalsiama Zadeng

    Can a terminator and Star Lord suffer corona?🤣🤣🤣