Arenas In Sweden (SHL)
Episode #194 - Arenas In Sweden (SHL)
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  • Rasmus Gustavsson
    Rasmus Gustavsson


  • Flying Boer
    Flying Boer

    Modi is Peter Forsberg's team

  • Flying Boer
    Flying Boer

    Peter Forsberg, Nicklas Lidstrom, Matt Sundin, Henrik & Daniel Sedins

  • Grabbarna grus LC
    Grabbarna grus LC

    I Come from Sweden and play in Färjestad BK team 08

  • Fredrik Lagerqvist
    Fredrik Lagerqvist

    HV71 BLUE BULLS (Jönköping)

  • Hockey Alley
    Hockey Alley

    How about Globen? It seats 13000

  • kevin nässén
    kevin nässén

    Spent so much time in the lowest ranked arena.

  • Felix Holm
    Felix Holm

    Watch Swedish Icehockey supporters

  • Sindy R.
    Sindy R.


  • Sr SR
    Sr SR

    Globen arena.. Spectators:13850

  • Ping Pong
    Ping Pong

    Don't Djurgården play in globen anymore? That is a very cool arena. The biggest spherical building in the world.

  • swerve951

    the ericsson globe ...what happened to the globe ..... 13,850 largest arena

  • Mattias Jeppesen
    Mattias Jeppesen

    Lindab arena it is best arena

  • x Futuristik
    x Futuristik

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="590">9:50</a> its a bad photo from the inside

  • NovaZ

    So the two buildings that you see at the side of coop arena is indeed ice rinks, tho there are now actually one more to the right. + the things at the back are as you mentioned are for fans that like to stand up and sing. There is also a small plateu right besides that people with wheelchair and other sorts of disabileties can watch the game from.

  • 8dzenja6

    I don’t think the name of Saab Arena is still Saab Arena right? 😂

  • malin nilsson
    malin nilsson

    hockey allettan norra sänd på svt eller eurosport1 hd

  • malin nilsson
    malin nilsson

    hockey allsvenskan sänd på svt eller eurosport1 2020 eller hd

  • malin nilsson
    malin nilsson

    hockey chl 2020 sänd på svt eller eurosport 1 eller hd

  • Swedish _Leksing
    Swedish _Leksing

    Look at Leksands IF arena. Tegera Arena.

  • Deadpool

    Kinnarps arena 👏💙💛💙💛

  • Thomas Hansson
    Thomas Hansson

    Gillar ni Scandinavium. Frölundas hockey rinck ??? From Sweden ;-)

  • Mark Santucci
    Mark Santucci

    why are there 40 idiots that would put down such a good video? and all 40 didn't hit the wrong button by mistake? some people are just stupid.

  • Svenska Supportrar
    Svenska Supportrar

    Unfortunately there isn’t sunlight in the arena

  • Magnus Bengtsson
    Magnus Bengtsson

    Djurgården and Frölunda actually use 2 arenas depending on how far in the playoffs they get. Frölundas second arena is Frölundaborg, and Djurgårdens second arena is the Stockholm Globe Arena.

  • aaron hiller
    aaron hiller

    Djurgården is also playing in Globen.

  • Anneli Nevelius
    Anneli Nevelius

    Hovet is gonna be demolished soon.

  • ExuberantRaptor

    Djurgårdens IF play games in two arenas in the same area, Hovet (Main) witha about 6000 attendances and The Ericsson Globe Arena (Alternative). Hovet is from the 1950's and have the by far best acoustics of all arenas, the noise there especially during playoffs is among the best in Europe and possibly the world. But it will be demolished 2020-21 for a worldclass multi-rink training ground with a dedicated subway link between it and the Globe arena and also the Globe will get some renovation & upgrades like increased amount of seats (from 13800 ish to 15 000), new jumbotron and adjustable roof for closing off the highest section for a more intimate atmosphere (better for hockey) and use them for concerts and due to the roof get better acoustics and reduced echo because the Globen ceiling is high af. Like a cathedral. Globen will also get 2 rinks underground for games and practice. Improved transportation to and from it all, hotels, galleria, new metro station etc. Basically it will become a top notch arean town where everything is linked to one another. And all this will result in and great tourist and fan experience and both the men's and woman's team will share the grounds and have their practices and matches in the same buildings. Currently the Djurgårdens IF womens team have their own grounds but that will change and so improve the whole work of the orginazition, closer communication and development. Especially the womans team will gain the most from this whole project. They play in the WSHL btw.

  • Hockey Bocky
    Hockey Bocky

    Djurgårdens arena is from the 1950’s

  • Goratchthemule

    Scandinavium is not so flat you might think,it's great.

  • Davveboi

    Coop is a swedish supermarket, not co-op, just coop

    • Refat_Swordfish

      Nu är det ju så att han tekniskt sett har rätt när han uttalar det co-op, eftersom det från början kommer från just "kooperativ". Tycker bara det är lite roligt att det är så många svenskar här som inte vet vad Coop egentligen står för som rättar honom...... Inte bara du... Många här... Nu var det bara så att du råkade få ta smällen..... Sorry... ;P (Men ja..... Naturligtvis kallas det Coop i folkmun, men egentligen inte fel å säga Co-op)

  • KekkeBGreen

    In regards for the "coop" norrbotten arena in Luleå, the far end you speak of, is "hemmastå" (in the old version of the arena called "apberget" which translate to Monkeymountain) and it's where the hardcore fans stand, chanting and waving flags and having an good ol' time, every arena has one, i think. Also the most closest floor space, is a handicaped space, the 6 black things you see is heating elemenst for those who sits in a wheel chair, so they don't get cold. Also "coop" arena, also known to those who play hockey in the youth division of Luleå Hockey, calls the most left for "B-hallen" which translate straigt to "B-hall", but more correctly to like "B-arena/rink" The middle one is "COOP" arena, that's called A-Hallen - A-arena/rink and most right C-hallen - C-arena/rink, and lastly what doesn't show on the picture, depending on the date of the picture, but around 2011 the most right, they built a 4th, that they called D-hallen - D-arena/rink. The difference between the 4 rinks is that A-rink has the seating capacity of 6300 and is the home arena for the elite team, B-arena/rink has a seating capacity of about 100? At max I think. It is for practice and youth teams games. C-arena/rink is just a indoor hockey rink, as same as the D-arena/rink. Theses 2 are also used for icepractice and youth games Just some bad formulated info for ya! ;D

  • ROBBIE11

    14 is the arena in my town and its fun to be in it beacus its so small

  • Oliver Karlsson 8A Thoren Framtid i Älmhult
    Oliver Karlsson 8A Thoren Framtid i Älmhult

    its acctually COOP not CO-OP , COOP is a store in sweden and germany i think

  • f a
    f a

    You forgot the best arena ”Globen”

  • Albin Stensholm
    Albin Stensholm

    Am i the only one who thougt Scandinavium should have been nr 1?

  • Helen S
    Helen S

    Cool video!

  • Max ’
    Max ’

    you forgot to say that both Hovet and Lindab Arena is very loud arenas. The atmosphere can be great in there

    • Post2Post

      I can't say something that I'm not aware of lol

  • King Wacky
    King Wacky

    Globe arena in Stockholm is Swedens largest. Seats 13850 people. The arena will be going through a makeover that will increase the capacity to 15-16000 and be the new home arena for Djurgarden after it is completed.

  • Sebastian Gacha
    Sebastian Gacha

    I already know them, i'm from Sweden

  • bagiboxi
    bagiboxi Heres the final when HV71 won in 2017 Look at the atmosphere!

  • jahlover123


  • Sara Olsson
    Sara Olsson


  • Oliver

    That was the Worst pic of Hovet

  • Swedish _Leksing
    Swedish _Leksing

    Rate hockeyallsvenskans arenans!

  • Nathan Halls
    Nathan Halls

    can you rank the nba arenas on your second channel

  • Casperger



    Globen is Sweden's biggest hockey arena but no team use it as their own because it's for international matches

  • BIRDAN74

    Djurgården has two arenas and one of them you didnt show

  • Veroy

    Arent u the guys who tried swedish chokolate

    • Post2Post


  • Tobias Edström
    Tobias Edström

    you say right it's coop not co op


    Im a kid and i can see well in scandinavium when i watch frölunda

  • Hockey is For Fun
    Hockey is For Fun

    Come on... Kinnarps arena is down to 9-14 place. The only good thing about it, is the 4 ice surface they have. When you come in to the arena, it's a small space for the ticket-scan and the corridor for coffee and snacks - you better not have claustrophobia. But you do have nice view on the rink, except for the away team stands. And about the glass... No, it's for the restaurant and office. You better go there and see it by yourself, great fans but a lesser good arena.

    • Hockey is For Fun
      Hockey is For Fun

      @Post2Post And you should have mentioned which players inNHL comes from these teams. 😁

    • Hockey is For Fun
      Hockey is For Fun

      @Post2Post Yes they are... Around 2 minutes in. 😂

    • Post2Post

      Robert, these are not ranked.

  • JohnAnderssonTV

    As a guy from Gothenburg who used to be a season ticket holder at Frölunda I can safely say that Scandinavium has awful places to sit. Then again they do have som really good ones though but they cost alot

  • Freiner INC
    Freiner INC

    Only security staff can stand near the ice

  • McDonalds David
    McDonalds David


  • lil hair
    lil hair

    sverige :-)

  • johannesdif

    Rating arenas without ever going there is fucked up

  • Xod Gamer
    Xod Gamer

    Do a best intros! NOOOW OR ELSE I WILL UNSUB

    • Post2Post

      Go ahead and unsub then

  • SaganJumJum

    Perhaps send the ppl in ? To get a real standard :D Nah you woldnt do that :( it would make yer teams a bit theatrical. Everything US consume will be a hartless fuckup

    • Post2Post

      I don't even understand what you're trying to get at. Are you telling us to fly halfway around the world to look at arenas in person? Would you like to pay for that trip for us?

    • SaganJumJum


  • SaganJumJum

    Hm m m m ah hm m m ya taht strange M mhm hm yes m ah hehe m mmm yeae it dos ye. very good mm yeahe doesent scream hockey yah hm m mmm yes yeeah mmm

    • Post2Post

      Do better.

  • Veronica Persson
    Veronica Persson

    the first was best

  • edvin sidemy
    edvin sidemy

    The big reson why it is so far to the glass in Vida arena is becuse handikap people want to see hockey too. Cinse it isn´t any slopes or anything it is easy for people with an moving handikap to get too see hockey too. Ther is also elevators for them så they can get to these handikap spots

  • AnkN

    For some clarification. Just behind the glass outside of the rink is not places for viewers/fans. Usually there's some medics and maybe a few photographers that stand there. It's like a walkway for for coaches and staff etc. And also, all arenas have standing places. A good example is at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> just beneath is standing places. And there's 2 different standing places. Usually 1 big and 1 small. The big one is for fans of the hometeam, and the smaller for fans of the away team. Most arenas also have Lodges and restaurant seats. I believe Björn might be a little biased aswell. All arenas look better when there are full of fans in there. Any questions? Hit me up!

  • jgumm

    about moras they are looking for a financing deal for a new arena

  • Angeline Gomez
    Angeline Gomez

    Växjö Lakers!!💙🧡💙🧡

  • Shay

    I thought the same it looks exactly like the memorial at pearl harbor

  • Salle1891

    I have played in the arena you ranked as the worst and it feels really weird with that scoreboard being that low

  • Max_DSSF

    HV71 has one of the dirtiest players of all time in SHL history Named: Andreas Jämtin

  • Max_DSSF

    And the V.I.P seats are in the hotel reasturant

  • Max_DSSF

    You guys should now that Malmö Arena is connected with a hotel

    • Post2Post

      Why should we know that?

  • Max_DSSF

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do a video about danish arenas

  • Max_DSSF

    i have ben in lindab arena for a cup

  • Max_DSSF

    im half swede and half danish i play hockey in denmark Team Gentofte Stars

  • Sc4mP TV
    Sc4mP TV

    why didnt you mansion the ericsson globe were djurgarden playes its the biggest and nicest arena in whole sweden!

  • Tide laundry detergent
    Tide laundry detergent

    cucked sweden

  • Patric Hultén
    Patric Hultén

    Not sure if I've commented before but how can you rank Scandinavium so high? I'm a Frölunda fan since birth and it's just so ugly and old. I got season tickets and you actually see everything quite good except at the green seats at the bottom

    • Post2Post

      I'm a big big fan of Lehkonen! I think he has incredible talent and his break out year with Montreal will be soon. He's played really well for them, but has just had some bad puck luck it seems!

    • Patric Hultén
      Patric Hultén

      Also I love your videos and keep up the great work you do! Have a blast in Vegas :) I might do a NHL-trip with my dad next season which I really look forward to if we will do that

    • Patric Hultén
      Patric Hultén

      Post2Post yeah no worries but I just don't like it :p sure one of the bigger arenas (2nd biggest I think) and they did some work this winter that has made the entrance more modern but the inside is just a big tin thing pretty much. The atmosphere can be insane tho but at the same time pretty spooky cause the tickets are expensive as fuck so some games it's just half full. Then if we could get a goalie that actually knows what a goalie do would be awesome. We've had some pretty good goalies go through our team with Henrik Lundqvist and Fredrik Andersen as the biggest names. Also Lars Johansson who has been great for CSKA Moscow this season was our goalie when we won the gold 2 years ago. And then also other great players like Daniel Alfredsson, Erik Karlsson, Per-Johan Axelsson, Lars Eller and also Artturi Lehkonen that you as a Montréal fan should know of. Not sure how he's been for you as I'm a Rangers fan and don't follow Montréal that much tbh but he was insane for us

    • Post2Post

      A thing called subjectivity I guess. There is no right or wrong. Brent decided on his own personal rankings.

  • hasseman84

    You missed the capacity of Scandinavium in Gothenburg where "Frölunda" plays. 12044. There are seats on all places but there is a section we dont use them cause of the owner wont let us to take them away on game days. Its a greate arena. We have the largest flag i the SHL. The "goalie" flag. Its big as one of the sctions. Been following Frolunda with seasonpass for 13 years now and the 14:th year are coming.

  • Filip Jakobsson
    Filip Jakobsson

    Dur to my experience the sunlight at kinnarps arena does get through a little bit but not as much as it looks it would

  • oscar Vintvall
    oscar Vintvall

    Malmö Arena should be number 1

    • Post2Post

      You do realize that these are not ranked, right?