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Wendover Productions is all about explaining how our world works. From travel, to economics, to geography, to marketing and more, every video will leave you with a little better understanding of our world. New videos go out every other Tuesday.

  • agentpr24

    As much as I like your video "Wendover Productions", as much I want to beat the shit out of you right now 😂🤣 I was telling myself, lets watch something "calm/cool" before going to bed and I got "Suggested" this one 🤣 How can I sleep with a peace of mind now???? 😂🤣 Fuck You 😂🤣 This said, continue your great video/subject. My Daughter and I like them alot. Stay safe with this Covid-19 shit!

  • ling huang
    ling huang

    This video is so interesting ,so it became my writing materials for today. China's China reminds me of the historical textbooks in my middle school. I remembered the books saying that the China has become the world factory, the material base of western countries, because of the lagged technology. The textbooks said that structural reforms from labor intensive to technology intensive are regular and must be experienced by countries around the world. So China is making structural reforms and one day, when the Africa is stronger, African countries must try to do the same. We wish every country in the world can finish such change successfully without any wars and invasions.

  • Jenish Shroff
    Jenish Shroff

    U r gem man, great videos

  • L0ngB0ard99

    Let them fail. Bring on the hyper tubes.

    • L0ngB0ard99

      Maybe I'm a dumbass.

  • Justin Noker
    Justin Noker

    well that "anything that saves lives no matter the cost" comment has aged poorly already.

  • Veni Vidi Amavi
    Veni Vidi Amavi

    *also what I felt/saw coming, the change in college. Most universities were going under, and just too expensive. Corona changed the campus experience to online basically overnight, crazy but some major educational changes were coming to the university experience sooner or later. I just didn't expect it to all happen so soon.*

  • Minia X
    Minia X

    US : Let me help you. Africa : OK. US lay down numerous troops. China : Let me help you. Africa : OK. China lay down numerous roads.

  • Veni Vidi Amavi
    Veni Vidi Amavi

    *I'll be honest, I work for an airline and it's not their first rodeo. 9/11 was bad as well, and airlines and aviation are always hit hardest because it's just so expensive to keep the whole operation running. It's sad, but not unexpected that something had to stop the travel craze. Travel has become so common, so cheap, and tourism was ruining some places...in a way, this gives the world some breathing space. It allows us to stop and think and enjoy life more and not take travel for granted, the ability to fly and see family and hug people. Anyways, great video. Delta even has the motto "nobody better connects the world", and I hope the day they can do that comes again soon, and for American, United, and all the others too*

  • Rθηιη

    Reminds me of brazil's story

  • cindy hong
    cindy hong

    this is not Wuhan viruses!

  • GooglR Ratings
    GooglR Ratings

    CHINA: Spends massive money to create unity among people. USA: Only builds if it is profitable, people unity? What's that?

  • Gianluca Tartaro
    Gianluca Tartaro

    It’s just so concerning how airlines don’t care at all about how much of the nonrenewable resource they use. The actions done right now will not only affect climate change, but also restrict how long this flight industry will last with the current use of fuel. Long haul routes waste so much more fuel than connected routes, and the more we waste, the sooner the industry will grind to a halt. It won’t happen in our lifetimes, but generations later it will. It’s just bewildering how humans don’t give a crap about the problems of the future generations that we cause for them... But whatever, let’s just keep focusing on the economics of wasting fuel to save a couple bucks. This isn’t a jab at Wendover Production, I LOVE this channel. This is a jab at the airlines who keep pushing for these routes without considering the fact that they are just pushing the oil shortage sooner and sooner.

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson

    Why are all the highest comments some attempt at a witty third person dialogue? Lmao

  • Samir Pathak
    Samir Pathak

    They r gud at hacking nothing else

  • Imran Mukhtar
    Imran Mukhtar

    Next vid: How to create a continent Next Next vid: How to create a planet

  • Gianluca Tartaro
    Gianluca Tartaro

    I want to see how triggered flat-earth morons get by this video XD

  • Charles Chin
    Charles Chin

    Australia, an outcast nation consist of convicts in the middle of nowhere. Asean won't accept you and Oceanias doenst like your ass either. The most sinophobic cuntry this side of the southern hemisphere.

  • Max

    They didn’t know what was coming in March 2020

  • Sarah Li
    Sarah Li

    I live in China

  • Yeetez beetes You have be defetess
    Yeetez beetes You have be defetess

    Australia’s government needs to grow a back bone and realise what they’re doing 😬

  • Edward Gomez
    Edward Gomez

    Nothing will matter, social distancing, masks, even a vaccine, if in a few years a chinesse guy will eat a live monkey, we will be again back to square one, nothing will change unless China evolves from medieval times eating live animals, it happened in 2003-2004, now in 2020, and probably again in a not so distant future. The world has to unite as one and demand a change.

  • Hsingking

    3:05 same rule applies to United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Spanish Speaking Latin Americans.

  • Xavier_Lit

    Lmao Latvia on the list my country's flaG Jeeeeeez

  • 1 Erd
    1 Erd

    the map is wrong where is Taiwan

  • Ethan Williams
    Ethan Williams

    I'm Australian I'd rather be in a communist state then having scott Morrison pm

  • Rocketmansv Salvador
    Rocketmansv Salvador

    Fast forward to 2020, we now have a clear and definitive answer: COVID-19

  • Lisa Brown
    Lisa Brown

    Aviation is the reason this became a global pandemic in a matter of weeks. We need to seriously rethink intercontinental air travel.

  • Nomi Space
    Nomi Space

    Good video, though the statement of how the virus started spreading is wrong.

  • Austin Jackson
    Austin Jackson

    What up everybody Thank the algorithim

  • Krrrimmi

    Imagine there will also Black Chinese. ^_^

  • Danny Lee
    Danny Lee

    Çanakkale also spans two continents.

  • Krrrimmi

    No wonder there also chinese immigrants in Africa.

  • Ruoting Chen
    Ruoting Chen

    One more thing,xinjiang province do have ethnic and history issues with Han ethnic. But thing happened in Tibet province are TOTALLY being supported by the westerners. Or why do you think 14th Dalai were always outside Tibet in other countries and won a FUCKING NOBEL PEACE PRIZE???

  • Ruoting Chen
    Ruoting Chen

    You actually made quite a big mistake for the map of China. Even if ignoring Taiwan province. You still get Tibet province wrong and that’s NOT tolerable. Go and search for the map on Baidu.com and you’ll get an right one

  • tom lu
    tom lu

    The opening to this video just enforces the American “ignorance is bliss” idea, which I don’t like but I just have to agree with, I mean look at some videos! how can we trust people to vote when they can’t name the first planet from the sun! Can’t recognize the U.S map upside down! Maybe this is why Trump became a thing!

  • Woad_Brah

    population density that's really all there is to it

  • Jason Yolo
    Jason Yolo

    我比较喜欢Dr Fauci那句话 ‘ You dont make the timeline, the virus does."

  • Mr. Manager
    Mr. Manager

    I live in Oregon and we have mail in voting and I have no idea why every state doesn't do this

  • Vincent Deras
    Vincent Deras

    Why would this guy give out all this information to our enemies ...who the fuck is he working for

  • Vladislav Todorov
    Vladislav Todorov

    you should rename your channel to FLYOVER

  • sarge y
    sarge y

    CHINA ccp will pay big price.

  • Thomas Barsch
    Thomas Barsch

    Here's a good idea for anyone wanting to get even with the USA fill three ships with potassium and oil sail them into the panama canal locks and then scuttle or set ablaze the ships. This will cause significant damage and make it inoperable for many months maybe years and cost the USA hundreds in billions in repairs and trillions in gnp. Terrorist are so short sighted and dumb. You always want to attack America in its wallet.

  • Franklin D Roosevelt•75 years ago
    Franklin D Roosevelt•75 years ago

    Then usa was badly infected, so they cancelled flights to them

  • Tanjina Anee Ahmed
    Tanjina Anee Ahmed

    I live in Belize But almost all of my family is from Bangladesh

  • football zone
    football zone

    Imagine eating a rat after training

  • Mohammad Abazid
    Mohammad Abazid

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but people: leave the fucking bats out of your fucking soup. Chicken soup is also delicious wallah.

  • Brick Life
    Brick Life

    in Australia a lot of pilots have quit flying for Australian airlines as they pay to little so a lot of them now fly for airlines in China

  • Fresh Town
    Fresh Town

    you talk like polymatter in some ways

  • Keijay Huang
    Keijay Huang

    This aged well

  • someone on youtube
    someone on youtube

    Coming up next: How the west destroyed China in 10 days.

  • Sultan Of Kings
    Sultan Of Kings

    Anyone else tried to flip their phone upside down when the picture of bats came on only to remember that they hanging upside down?

  • Sirch

    0:20 what about H1N1?

  • amani mango
    amani mango

    China thinks they can just own everything.

  • Courtenay Webb
    Courtenay Webb


  • Li

    Why on earth do you want HK to be independent? That’s part of our country, it’s definitely our red line other than different political views.

  • Keanu Bartolata
    Keanu Bartolata

    Content is great until you talk about theories, they're all rubbish

  • Bizhelpguru.com

    Gas is now down to 1.65 again . . .

  • Yuchen An
    Yuchen An

    So, you westerner think the living condition in Africa is better than China now? What if Africa become China's China? shouldn't that be a great thing for Africans? Can you guys make Africa America's America? I am sure African would love to do so, but can you? No you can't, because you western countries building your capital start from robbing others. When China is teaching African to farm, you have problem now? what's wrong with you? Such ignorance and arrogance.

  • VOTE Republican
    VOTE Republican

    Australia doesn't want to be the BITCH of Communist China, even though it will be some hardship down the road, Australia, needs to be more self significant and independent from this controlling regime before its too late... All you're doing is feeding into a human rights controlling freak of Communist china. America, is finally waking up and will soon be independent from this terrible regime.

  • 8817 Cat
    8817 Cat

    Don’t wave the police wave the freaking both sides of the political argument

  • 陈仲凯

    One thing to clarify, connecting the high-speed train lines to Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is helping the local economies there. We Chinese believe that terrorism is caused by poverty and lack of way of surviving. So what's wrong of Chinese government offering free education to those potential terrorists. Separatism is not welcomed anywhere in the world. Like US won't allow native Americans to regain their territory. But western media always forget their own human rights problems, and tend to exaggerate what's happening in China. So unfair. ......

  • Sherwin Celeste
    Sherwin Celeste

    One small earthquake in the mariana islands and it's all gone.

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B

    Thanks so much for voicing over Trump speaking. Music to my ears.

  • Mark Latvakoski
    Mark Latvakoski

    the youtube algorithm has a very odd sense of humor

  • Troll King
    Troll King

    aviation is reason 1 for the rapid spread, - fuck aviation, PEOPLE ARE DYING.

  • Richard Kin
    Richard Kin

    this video fails to show how the workers work on a 24-hour shifts, they never stopped until it was completed. Solutes to them!

  • TheUbiquitousPro

    Let the chinese watch this video

  • Django Waters
    Django Waters

    It’s not coming from directly eating bats. It’s not spread through stomach and Aholes, it spreads trough cough stupid media

  • cem oğuz
    cem oğuz

    Food is the most importent thing on sea.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith

    This is why Walmart employees are paid in food stamps, because they keep all that money.

  • fn 762
    fn 762

    Hahaha..... China builds hospital in 10 days.. And infected the whole world in 2 months...... Hahaha..... Do the math people!!!

  • Uncle Joe
    Uncle Joe

    Distributing "small cards explaining...aircraft safety" seems an epically & counterproductively sh*t idea. That will only increase stress. Collecting private customer info through tapping into private individual's social media accounts & then passing this info to cabin crews - wouldn't that be a privacy law/ethics issue (forget ethics, this is business)? Message: use a VPN if you're in an airport, bugger that data collection crap. And no, Wendover, a Gmail address doesn't look "amateurish".

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith

    Wow China is better. You get paid close to 500k a year? Damn!!! No pilot in the USA ever made that kind of money. Plus USA is a joke anyways. All the pilots are white here and that is because discrimination and oppression is real.

  • J-Bear

    Your not allowed to go to Antarctica there’s treaties signed by every government since the beginning of the Cold War, this was before environmentalism so it makes little sense why you can go there or fly planes over Antarctica

  • Daniella Making Learning Art
    Daniella Making Learning Art

    Given the current events of so many proven huge lies from China and how they have been the cause of unimaginable deaths, worldwide, as well as mysteriously causing the disappearance and deaths of doctors who tried to warn the world, shouldn't this video be renamed to "Why Nobody Wants Anything More to do With China"? Oh, and, PS, Australia reported that China companies bought up large mass amounts of hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, and other protection supplies months before China sent their deadly wrath around the world. Don't believe me? Just go to Italy. They have so many dead people now that they are now announcing in the media that they are no longer listing the amount of dead people. See, a large portion of politicians have financial investments in China. They even hire people to create stories that make China look appealing. That's why there is so much PR going on to try to soften the blow and stay in good graces with China. Look up the documentary on SEsoft about their largest prison and how you get sent there (You don't have to do anything wrong)....Target and H & M have a manufacturing plant right there, too. How about how China has their annual happy, fun filled Dog Meat Festival. They celebrate this and have fun there. People round up as many dogs as they can, ahead of time, to prepare for this joyous occasion, sometimes stealing them. The fun for them is making sure these dogs stay alive as long as is possible while these filthy disgusting savages chop these dogs up into pieces, slowly. Cutting their legs off of them right in front of them and sometimes after showing love and affection to these dogs, for further cruelty. They do this to puppies after playing with them, too. They make mothers who have had litters watch as they cut up her puppies in front of her and then her. They also hang these dogs up while alive, after skinning them slowly and carefully so the dogs do not die from it. These savages of sociopaths, cultivated by a leadership who creates these sociopaths, are proud to tell people that by making sure the dogs have a most gruesome slow death of cruelty that it makes their meat taste so much better. Then they cook them up and serve the meat and sell it.

  • 2coryman

    better now to start systematically abandoning ANY AND ALL dependency on china

  • Adam Hooper
    Adam Hooper

    Seems australian politicians deal a lot in traitornomics.

  • Mattyuty

    This deserves an award.

  • Mxiastate

    I hope they become triple as well as Singapore and that it spreads all through out Africa and that no external countries interfere. They deserve so much more than that. I also hope Singapore prospers.

  • Lily french
    Lily french

    ah just as i thought, the only thing they said about new zealand was about rugby :(

  • sjanov94

    No airline is gonna want the 737 max now lol

  • Seyed Mohammad Najafi
    Seyed Mohammad Najafi

    Wrong, flights to Iran were not cancelled!

  • roberto de vries
    roberto de vries

    What is the catch???? If they fail China owns them..

  • Otto

    Newsflash: this hospital fel apart and people were killed

    • Tuoheng Zheng
      Tuoheng Zheng

      That's a hotel a thousand miles away from this hospital.

    • Sy Fan
      Sy Fan

      Hah, such a stupid lie. They are still there in perfect conditions. Show the proof, moron. You mixed up with the hotel rented by the city government as quarantine. The owner of the hotel remodeled the ground floor and altered the support of the building without the city's approval. That owner was arrested. Next time get the facts right before you post your comment.

  • Bediebys Star
    Bediebys Star

    *wakkos world begins to play*

  • DrDill

    damn dude learn the correct pronunciation of these countries...

  • Cam and Dan
    Cam and Dan

    And born was the a220!

  • agentM1991

    Wendover: Trains!!! Airplanes: Are we a joke to you now??? I enjoyed the video. Very informal.

  • AviationGeek777

    Who is watching during COVID-19?

    • Kaneda

      not me

  • AfFro HD
    AfFro HD

    I think my brain just expanded an inch

  • TheLittlestMig

    Well, now I have St.Helena on _visit in 10y or so_ travel destination list.

  • 2015corvettec7

    Deserts cant hold large populations. Phoenix: Am I a joke to you?

  • Sammy Hamawi
    Sammy Hamawi

    Aruba airlines

  • c Zhang
    c Zhang

    Salute to all those incredible people. You are our pride of life!

  • Khalid Nezami
    Khalid Nezami

    Shenzhen is actually taking care of the problem of less demand for low pay workers, they are becoming makers, engineers, and inventors.

  • Jack Charlie
    Jack Charlie

    Block "communist" China the way they block foreigners on their own soil. They have been cheating the rule of WTO for 20 years. No more room for complacency with this criminal totalitarian regime.

  • Mevio 24
    Mevio 24

    Why the fuck you put kosovo in serbia teritory check the facts before you make this stupid ass video kosovo is indepented fucker

  • Hades7

    This is pathetic. Why are the comments here negative about china but then the ones on the Africa video all all bootlicking China??? HYPOCRITES

    • Unkn0wn3ntity

      Fuck the CCP.

  • Frank J
    Frank J

    "Diversification is crucial" Totally agree, take Canada for example, we rely heavily on an allied country the US both economically and politically, And even that's no guarantee that we won't get screwed over by the US from time to time.

  • Kaustav Thakur
    Kaustav Thakur