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  • Witchylde

    Everytime I heard you say Raycon I could only think about the movie The Phantom Planet


    Some scummy kid next door has challenge me to a water fight, so I can't watch the whole vid..... Right I'm off to boil the kettle 👍

  • johnnyboyhulk

    I miss shit pickle

  • AriochStarr

    No disrespect to James or anything but he's such a terrible gamer. As an entertainer on the other hand he's definitely top of the freaking world. Throughout the video I was always watching his footage because it's so interesting.

  • Jimmy Campbell
    Jimmy Campbell

    I thought he would tie it all together by explaining that MK is basically a ripoff in itself. It’s the love child of Pit Fighter and Big trouble in little China.

  • gogosegaga

    life is complete now we have a new episode of AVGN :)

  • Drew

    Yes a new episode!

  • STR2D3PO

    What no killer instinct?

  • shatteryib

    Shooting the 32X with the bow and arrow was my favorite ending

  • not sure
    not sure

    Timekillers was fun in the arcade. I liked using Leif the viking.

  • Mentazm

    You should watch Jackie Chan's game played by serious players

  • AGuyCalledJamal

    is it me or does anyone else think rancid reminds them of charles manson if here were from a dystopian future

  • ActionHeinz

    A girl named Rhina... pretty funny... if you are German 😂

  • Jonathan Marsais
    Jonathan Marsais

    So funny how you obviously don't believe in those ear buds.

  • ToruKurosawa

    Underneath all that garbage your just like all the street punks ive wasted before!!!!!

  • Gestah Products
    Gestah Products

    way of the warriors on 3do, that's another shameless attempt.

  • mister_shiver

    "I am immortal." "I am immortal." "I am immortal." ... "Where did you learn to fly?"

  • Legend Gaming
    Legend Gaming

    10:10 damn yo, that move is op as all hell! Edit: Nvm, 10:43 is just ridiculous

  • Damon Richardson
    Damon Richardson

    This guy must have every single game console known to man. He even has PlayStation 6. LOL!!!!

  • J M
    J M

    Should rig yourself up a teleprompter. Plenty of tutorials out there.

  • Raf Man
    Raf Man

    I like how you did the Stone Cold beer bash in the intro.

  • Rainingfallout

    Ayyy that classic intro

  • Pow

    I'd love to see a modern re-imagining of Tatoo Assassins. It had potential, in my opinion.

  • Random dude on the internet
    Random dude on the internet

    Man with raycon's noise isolation i can now not hear my mom calling me thus ends with her coming in with the sandel. Thank you AVGN

  • Flavio Bello
    Flavio Bello

    You just skiped EXPECT NO MERCY for pc.

  • travis m.
    travis m.

    Yo what’s up James and make

  • Hunter Bless
    Hunter Bless

    A new AVGN and Gaming Historian video in the same day? Heck yes

  • rattle head
    rattle head

    The skating ring in my hometown Liberty Mo back in the day had the arcade Street Foghter the Movie. I played it and I thought it sucked.

  • Criptix Subshock
    Criptix Subshock

    Glad that you uploaded AVGN earlier then usual

  • James White
    James White

    He’s come to take you back to the pass


    "looks like a broken off banana" hahahaha i love you james thats 100% my wee cat, ahahahahahaha


      aw man the ending <3 so nostalgic!

  • Leonardo Crocetta
    Leonardo Crocetta

    That ending was...a real ripoff.

  • Pandacultking Gaming
    Pandacultking Gaming

    Never gonna get tired of you man gonna be a sad day when it ends

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young

    Alright i love me some knock offs lol not really but it will definitely make a great nerd video

  • chocolatepain

    James has a tattoo now? Unless that's for a bit in the review that I haven't gotten to yet.

  • Tomasz Matulewicz
    Tomasz Matulewicz

    Hey Nerd, i have one question about that earbud u recomended, is it any option to get them shipped to Europe?

  • Entertainment Wizard
    Entertainment Wizard


  • Saccromycaes

    Video begins at 1:12

  • Moon .Gazer
    Moon .Gazer

    Raycon is turning into the next RAID.....

  • Aidan Napier
    Aidan Napier

    finally a real avgn video

  • Fabio Pereira
    Fabio Pereira

    What about "Kazumi NInja"? Have you talked about it before?

  • TheMadVentriloquist

    I like the soundtrack of Titanic, but not the movie: the track "Southhampton" is cliched but enjoyable.

  • help im a toaster!D:
    help im a toaster!D:

    I have e55's and can say good buy!

  • Blackblooded

    "The auditory is like an anal fisting." I haven't been able to finish the video because I'm currently curled up in the fetal position after laughing so hard i think I might have broke important internal organs.

  • Torontogosch

    "Looks like a broken-off Banana..." Never in my life i had laught so hard.. and i watched ALL OF your Videos...

  • Robolauty

    Am I the only stupid ass that went on Google to find the Fred Savage game?

  • john herbert
    john herbert

    At least try n sound like you like the sponsors product 😂😂😂👍

  • Din Bach
    Din Bach

    This video is too long.

  • DudeMcAwesome

    Its good to see that Data East brought the same quality to fighting games that they brought to pinball...

  • José Cruz Parker
    José Cruz Parker

    A new episode, James? Great. I've been watching you for 10 years, and you make my life better. God bless you, man.

  • Julian Jayme
    Julian Jayme

    Revisiting this video 13 years later just for the line "Noah, man. Nobody fucks with him. Not even Chuck Norris!"

  • Mello Dimensions
    Mello Dimensions

    These videos make me think the nerd will be a guest character for MK11.

  • Nikita Yudin
    Nikita Yudin

    How can you make a game with a sole reason of trying to copy MK's success and forget to program fatalities? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?


    Will the nerd ever review the Lupin 3rd games?

  • justgary

    Review in 2024

  • Shawn Mowers
    Shawn Mowers

    So James knows what a cats butthole looks like but not what the titanic looks like 😥

  • Travi M
    Travi M

    Shaq Fu amd Clay Fighter were the worst fighters and I owned both. Absolute garbage. I actually loved Primal Rage.

  • stezton

    I worked in an arcade for years when Time Killers was new and I never saw anyone even get to Death.

  • Varim Kadas
    Varim Kadas

    That last game has worst graphics than flash games ... YEESH! Gonna go play a Joe Cartoon game now ...

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    classic nerd back with patreon

  • DrClay999

    Who was here when it was unlisted? :)

  • 575forza

    They're testing your might Nerd.

  • Mu-12

    damn that society talk was james talk right-

  • FireDemon 119
    FireDemon 119


  • Saulo Alves
    Saulo Alves

    Great video, but you missed talking about the Expect No Mercy.

  • HeavyMeta

    I have a suggestion. How about you review the Spongebob Squarepants games?!

  • ravens onthehorizon
    ravens onthehorizon

    I have been a fan for a long time...but it makes me die a little inside when I hear you do advertising.

    • TheDragonSsJ

      We're in a rescession man lol

  • gorillazfan242

    Great video! Glad to see it just the nerd doing his usual review. The skits and the guests were not my cup of tea.

  • DH2007able

    Time Killers! I played this once at a babershop, I could never remember the name of this game

  • tafblader

    you missed out on SUPER BOTTE&BAMBA II TURBO, even for the unfamiliar with the talian trash television it's worth to check out

  • P GC
    P GC

    Please review Takeshi's Challenge. It's time :)

  • Conwera X
    Conwera X

    Has anyone else just noticed the nerds tattoo or is it old I’ve just not noticed it before

  • Phant0m

    It's gonna be a little hard for Holyfield to wear raycons.

  • Mobius Z
    Mobius Z

    this was barely an AVGN episode.....

  • River Styx
    River Styx

    I'm the Immortal...

  • Leonardo Crocetta
    Leonardo Crocetta

    The only game that has "double ass": Tattoo AssAssins!

  • MegaStarfactor


  • Once Again
    Once Again

    8:14 sounds like hes saying FAGOT!

  • Jimmy Zappa
    Jimmy Zappa

    Eh, Olyphant was right. It was pretentious. Carey talking to Kaufman's family as he was Andy? That's just lunacy and a straight up God complex as well as making the set's crew a living hell for being Andy. Which is not just being the character but being totally obnoxious off-camera.

  • jherrenor

    40:31 that random Mystical Ninja training music came from nowhere before that rage out.

  • 2revoemag

    You know. I just finished rewatching every episode on auto-play and been a fan for over a decade. I wonder how I'll feel rewatching these episodes in ten years. Future me: "Ooooh, right this is when he started doing sponsors at the beginning of episodes."

  • Leroy Sinclair
    Leroy Sinclair

    I actually want some Raycons

  • CJ Destruction
    CJ Destruction

    The AVGN before my 20th birthday Friday. Damn.

  • Wes 42
    Wes 42

    last time I was this early me bird left me

  • Joseph Campbell
    Joseph Campbell

    Ed Boon, as an April Fools joke, said that Rancid would be in a handheld port of MK Deception. Considering all the guest characters now, I wish that was true back then.

  • Antasma1

    3:36 Is that a Jojo reference?

  • Freedoomer

    "Ok boss, we got the models and levels, now what?" "Program the trucks and make a winning mechanic and thats it" "Roger that sir!"

  • Garry

    Lmao at the Pepsi man edit

  • Gezi5

    This episode was really in tune with the older episodes, great video

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee

    You had me at "diseased roosters".

  • Selen Garett
    Selen Garett

    Ya gotta love the classics

  • Light Lynx
    Light Lynx

    "Underneath all that garbage, you're just like all the street punks I WASTED BEFORE!" I was fucking dying! xD

  • dizzle1119

    Just straight up goin' through the motions. Do something else, James. Shit....

  • John Bernsen
    John Bernsen

    release the full cut. PLEASE.

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    And in the darkest hours, a angry hero came out to put joy in our hearts.

  • RichardDemoBox

    I miss the old AVGN Glasses.

  • Gezi5

    That is the smoothest ad read ever

  • MGTOW Properties
    MGTOW Properties

    I forgot to mention way of the warrior boy to death and suck

  • Juicy Cloney
    Juicy Cloney

    Men with brightly colored mohawks and hooped earrings in the year 2020, more likely than you might imagine.

  • CERO

    I bet he thought of the suckbitch bit because of the recent kung pow review. Killing is badong